Creative Commons: Share & Enjoy

After 10 years of tinkering, experimenting and building electric bicycles and their associated mechanics, electronics and software I want to share some of my ideas with a like-minded community and learn from them.

Too many good ideas lie hidden, or are lost, awaiting commercial exploitation but that just needs the right people and market to come along and make a commercial agreement that satisfies all parties.

The purpose of the Creative Commons license is to encourage others to try out - and improve upon - ideas for their personal, non-commercial use.

I would like this to promote the idea of Crowdsourcing: getting a community of common interest to work to make better things and things better. Of course I don't want folks ripping off my ideas, but neither do I want to keep things so close that they never get developed and built. If anyone wants to work in design partnership, then let's talk.

I intend to add to this list as I can, but the 'seed' topics I have in mind are: (those without hyperlinks aren't ready yet!)

Please send any enquiries, comments, suggestioms etc here

Electrical Connectors for e-bikes
Mounting things on bicycle handlebars
High-Power LED lights
Rechargeable AA Lithium Batteries
Bosch 37V Li-Ion Battery Adapter
DC Power Regulator  
AAA and AA Battery Eliminator